Susan P. from Netgalley:

What an inspiring novel. The story takes us on an interior journey with poet, Ron, as he struggles to get his work published. His frustrations are out there for everyone to see on a blog he maintains that has become more a therapy sessions! We learn about Ron’s thoughts and feelings as he goes about his daily life and even the little year-end ritual he has where he tears up all of his rejection letters and scatters them to the winds. He’s been doing that for years but this time he slips on the ice over a Wisconsin lake. He wakes up fully conscious but no longer in his own body, no longer in his own time period and no longer in control of anything other than the ability to hear and observe his “host”. His adventures as he experiences Elizabethan daily life from a workman’s perspective and vicariously meets a few of the villagers, including a young William Shakespeare. Once he returns home his perception on what it might take to succeed and even what success means has changed dramatically. You’ll enjoy Ron’s discoveries, the ride through his mind, and the creativeness of this story! Pick it up and give it a read; it’s worthwhile if only for the positive spin it takes at the end.

Reviewer 1065861 on Netgalley:

“We Write on Water” by David Ackley presents a unique and intriguing premise that immediately captures the imagination. The story follows Ron, a frustrated writer, who experiences a remarkable journey that takes him from the modern world to Elizabethan England.

The concept of slipping through time and encountering historical figures is always enticing, and in this case, Ron’s encounter with a youth who will become a famous author promises to be a fascinating twist. This aspect of the narrative seems to provide a fresh perspective on the writing process and the idea that inspiration can come from unexpected sources.

The book also seems to explore themes of self-discovery and personal growth as Ron grapples with his own identity and learns more about what it means to be a poet. These themes are likely to resonate with readers who appreciate introspective and thought-provoking storytelling.

Moreover, the blend of contemporary and historical settings adds depth to the narrative, making it an appealing choice for readers who enjoy both contemporary and historical fiction.

Overall, “We Write on Water” appears to be a promising literary journey that combines elements of time travel, historical fiction, and introspection, all while delving into the world of writing and poetry. It has the potential to engage readers with its unique premise and thought-provoking themes.

From: Entrada Publishing:

We Write On Water by David Ackley

Independent author and publisher David Ackley is back with We Write on Water. The time-
traveling fictional story will keep readers engaged throughout the story. At times touching,

occasionally humorous, and filled with emotions running the gamut from dejected to elated,
David Ackley has captured what life is like as a struggling writer.
Ron’s career as a poetry writer is struggling to take off. Meanwhile, his partner Sara is enjoying
a successful career. While she is presenting an award to a nurse on her team, Ron is trying to
learn the art of being in a social setting. His faux pas on the night of the award ceremony is
soon overshadowed by another publishing rejection letter. His blog is his escape from his
perceived career failures. Here, his writing lets readers know his frustration, anger, and despair.
After receiving another letter of rejection, Ron follows his usual ritual. Out to the frozen
Wisconsin lake to rip up the letter.
Only this time, his ritual tearing of the rejection letter doesn’t go as planned. Slipping on the
ice, Ron hits his head, and life as he knows it suddenly changes. When he wakes up, Ron finds
himself in Elizabethan England. During his time in the past, Ron meets a young man who will
eventually become a famous writer. His works will resonate with readers centuries after his
death. However, it’s not this meeting that changes Ron’s life. He will finally learn what it means
to be a poet when he returns home. Who is the famous author Ron meets and what event
impacts his life? Readers will have to pick up a copy of We Write on Water to learn the answers
to these questions.

Ron made several attempts during the afternoon to stop work and investigate just where he was in England, but he couldn’t will himself—his physical body—to leave the lathe and the work at hand. He continued pondering his presence in this body of Mister John Hart while the man shaped the turning wood. I wonder if he knows I’m here? I haven’t seen any sign of it if
he does. Of course, how would he react if he did? Grab his head and scream? Smash it against a stone wall? I know I would. What do I do if he starts thinking about me? I’m trapped here. I’m not able to move where I want or say what I want, but he can. Well, it is his existence, after all. I’m just a creepy alien mind-meld. This is just too weird. I wish I could snap my fingers… And Ron spent several futile minutes trying to do just that while John turned the lathe.

David Ackley’s descriptive writing style draws readers in and makes it possible to envision the
life of the average citizen in Elizabethan England. He touches on the frustration we all feel
about rejection, along with the struggles it can bring to our lives. However, it is also a story
about hope and love and one we can all relate too.